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...death hath ten thousand several doors for men to take their exits...

~John Webster, the Duchess of Malfi


Our goal is to make our mark in the rapidly evolving death positive movement.  We are invested in providing academic opportunities where participants will learn the history of death care, the current model of end of life care in Canada, the contemplative nature and philosophy of doula care, as well as the principles and practical techniques specific to the role of doula.  We offer a comprehensive and evolving End of Life Doula Care Certification, workshops, seminars, information sessions and public discussions. Each platform has been designed to encourage the development of community and a sense of belonging that is inspired by the transformational nature of dying and death, thus discovering opportunities for personal growth that are typically inherent in sorrow, loss and grief.
That said, not everyone is searching to answer a vocational calling as an End of Life Doula but do have a desire to contribute to lessen the suffering of dying and death. With that in mind, our programs can equally serve as an opportunity for practical application. Open, honest dialogue with fami...

Leading-Edge Education
& Training Appeal
Patient/Family Centered Supportive Care

OPEN DOOR SESSION: What is an End of Life Doula?

OPEN DOOR SESSION:  Why plan and prepare for dying and death?

OPEN DOOR SESSION: Why are we so fearful of death?

OPEN DOOR SESSION: Needs of dying people

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