End Of Life Doula Care

What is RC2FM?

RC2FM Connector stands for "RingCentral to FileMaker Connector". RC2FM is a web-based microservice that integrates Claris FileMaker with RingCentral Office®, enabling any FileMaker custom app to quickly establish two-way communication with RingCentral's Cloud-based Unified Communications Platform.

RC2FM Connector is an authorized RingCentral Public App which was developed using RingCentral's REST APIs. In technical terms, RC2FM Connector is a hosted microservice that enables telephony integration for custom apps developed in FileMaker running on iOS, Mac, Windows and the Web.

What can I do with it?

Sign into a RingCentral phone extension and use your business Caller ID to:
• Click/Tap to dial any phone number stored in FileMaker.
• Send outbound calls to your cell phone, personal phone, or RingCentral extension.
• Send/receive SMS and MMS messages to/from any contact stored in FileMaker in near real time.
• Send/receive Faxes directly from FileMaker containers or from your device's file system.
• Download call log and message log history and store them as FileMaker records.
• Download voicemails and store them as MP3's in FileMaker containers.
• Download call recordings and store them as MP3's in FileMaker containers.
• Download sent/received Faxes and store them as PDFs in FileMaker containers.
• Set “Read” status of unread SMS, voicemails, and fax messages.
• Trigger scripts in your FileMaker custom app on incoming calls (Pro/Advanced only).**

**Requires RingCentral Desktop app.

How does it work?

RC2FM communicates with FileMaker over the internet using either the "Insert from URL" script step or the scripting of "WebViewer" objects. By calling secured URLs on our Cloud servers, FileMaker is able to transmit and receive encrypted data to/from your RingCentral account.

RC2FM requires no plugins, connector files, Custom Web Publishing, or PHP code.

How is it sold?

RC2FM is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) in monthly or annual subscription plans. Subscriptions are sold on a per user basis in several price tiers, with pricing ranging from $15/month for a single user to as low as $4.15/month for groups of 25 subscribers or more.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us via our Online Chat, or by filling out our Contact form below.

Is it HIPAA compliant?

RC2FM Connector is Automation USA's RingCentral integration offering, which consists of two parts. The first part is our back-end web service which we developed and operate in the Cloud, and the second part is your own FileMaker custom app, which you have designed around your business case leveraging the scripts and tables we provide. While RC2FM Connector is not HIPAA compliant, our web service is simply a pass-through which stores no user data. While we could conceivably qualify for HIPPA conduit, it would only make sense for us to do that if our customers' custom apps (the second part of the equation) also become HIPAA compliant. RingCentral offers two levels of HIPAA compliance (HIPAA conduit and HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Standard or Custom). RingCentral's level of HIPAA compliance is contingent on your service plan. We invite you to read more about RingCentral's compliance levels at this link.

What's the technical route?

All API requests terminate at our endpoints and our back-end servers then forward all applicable requests to the corresponding RingCentral endpoints. Therefore, client data such as outbound faxes and SMS/MMS messages transit through our servers, however no payload data is ever retained, even if the transaction fails. RingCentral’s binary responses (voicemails, inbound messages, etc.) also transit through our servers on their way back to the client. No payload data is ever retained, even if the transaction fails. RingCentral’s text responses (i.e. log downloads) can be handled one of two ways:

  1. we have legacy endpoints (for backwards compatibility) that parse JSON data to triple-pipe (“|||”) delimited text (as lists similar to standard ExecuteSQL output).
  2. we have new endpoints (not yet published) that echo RingCentral's JSON payload directly back to client and we provide new FileMaker schema and scripts (not yet published) that will parse and store the entire payload.

Is it private?

It is only possible to activate service if you are an admin. We do this to protect customers against unauthorized information retrieval (leaks/thefts). Our system will reject service activations from anyone other than a user with super-admin or manage accounts credentials. Once access has been granted, anyone in your organization can sign-in and utilize our service, including multiple concurrent users (up to the maximum number of users covered by your subscription). RC2FM is a pass-thru system, so your data transmissions are never retained. Even if your transmission fails, you must request it again, as it is not cached or buffered. As far as access to private messages (i.e. call recordings, voicemails, faxes, sms/mms communications), RingCentral’s message store is per-user, not company-wide, therefore your messages and attachments can only be retrieved by you (using your unique RingCentral credentials). As for access to other company-wide reports (i.e. call history logs), the level of information that can be retrieved via RC2FM depends more on your subscription level than on your credentials. Even if you are the super-admin, unless you've purchased a premium subscription (i.e. a site license), you will not be able to retrieve company-wide call history, only your own call logs.

End of Life Doula Certification

Who is the certification program intended for?

While the program is geared toward those who want to become an End of Life Doula, it will also appeal to individuals already working in end of life related positions in hospice, palliative or other end of life supportive care positions ie) nurses, PCNs, doctors, social workers, spiritual advisors etc. It may be of interest to those who are preparing to support their own family or friends at end of life or want to have a better overall understanding of today’s end of life issues. If you want to become acquainted with dying and death or develop your own beliefs about dying and death you will also find our program enlightening.

What education does the EOL Doula Care Certificate program include?

The history and philosophy of dying and death care, the evolution of end of life related issues, current models of care, guiding principles and best demonstrated practices will give participants the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills about the end of life doula role and how to provide care that is necessary and meaningful. We use a variety of teaching tools and media to ensure that everyone’s learning needs are met. Our goal is for each participant to be equipped for success in their pursuit of service to those who are dying and their loved ones.

If I take the certificate program for my own interest will I be required to complete quizzes, assignments, projects or exams?

Yes, theory, core competencies and best demonstrated practices are weaved into each class session but it is the combination of class participation, presentation and completion of assignments and projects that give you the best opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills to fully understand this multi-faceted role.

What if I miss a scheduled class?

Two certificate programs will run each year and you would have the opportunity to participate in a future scheduled class session.

What are the implications of “being certified”?

There are various kinds of certificates pertaining to continuing education. Generally, an adult education certificate program takes a minimum of one year to complete. A certificate program teaches students a specific skillset or prepares students to succeed on a qualification exam. It confirms that a student has received specialized training in a field and demonstrates that a student has a good level of understanding of a specified subject or set of subjects.

Who recognizes the certificate?

Currently, the role of “doula” is not a regulated profession in Canada, however, there certainly is recognition of the necessity for doula care both in birth and death related transitions. This is a relatively new role in today’s end of life infrastructure. While there are associations which are in the beginning stages of governing the end of life doula role, as an educator and end of life doula care provider, we are collaborating with several other doula and professional organizations. Currently, we are not participating as a member of any forming doula regulatory body in Canada.

What are the advantages of doing certification with Ten Thousand Doors/CCEOLESS over another training program?

We really cannot speak to another training program or organization. We guarantee that our training is comprehensive and will provide cutting edge education and training to prepare participants to support individuals and families who are experiencing an end of life transition.

How will I use the training in my current job or career path?

End of Life Doulas generally work directly with a person and/or the family to provide supportive care services. It often is the dying person and sometimes a family member who chooses to retain end of life doula care services. It may be in a home, hospital or hospice setting. It may be part or full time or a combination of, depending on the needs of the client.

What are ways that end of life doula’s network with one another?

End of Life Doulas are receiving training worldwide and are often meeting on social media, death cafes, hospice and palliative organizations and conferences. Some education providers offer membership and there are several resources for connecting, further educational and learning opportunities, and obtaining the latest information including WHO, CINDEA, Community Deathcare Canada, Canadian Virtual Hospice, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association and the Quality End of Life Coalition of Canada, provincial hospice/palliative care associations and the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care.

Is there a professional listing where I can add my name, qualifications and availability?

The field of end of life doula care is relatively new and there are several organizations and individuals finding ways to connect and find resource in each other. Community Deathcare Canada, CINDEA, End of Life Association of Canada all offer the opportunity to list services. In the United States the End of Life Practitioners Collective, INELDA & NEDA all provide the same opportunities.

How can I apply for the certificate program?

The application process is straightforward. Go to the Education page and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see “click here for application”. Once you click the link, the “application and registration” form will appear. Print and complete the form and email a scanned copy to info@tenthousanddoors.com. On receipt and review of your application, we will advise you in writing, (within one week) if you have been accepted to the program. We will require you to confirm in writing, that you will be available to attend the program. At that time, your payment will be processed.

Are there payment options available?

Yes, please go to the Education page, scroll down to the bottom to “click here for application”. The “application and registration” form outlines the payment options that are available to you.

I want to attend the info sessions and/or volunteer training program. How can I register to attend?

On the EVENTS page, the date, address, time and cost are listed for each learning opportunity. Click on the one that interests you. It will take you to a link for Eventbrite (separate website). There you will be able to purchase your event ticket and receive a confirmation of your payment.

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