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"Rest Easy" Guide
Death Planning

When:   May 1, 2024

Where:  Online

Time:     7:00 -  9 PM

Cost:     Free

The idea that planning for dying and death much in advance, is not morbid at all.  In fact, as part of the death positive movement it's considered liberating. 


If we talk about death openly with anyone, in every community and we include young people and children, we are doing humanity a world of good., by normalizing death.  (FYI death is normal)

First, it releases us and our loved ones of the burden of decision making during a crisis. 


This concept is not just about paying for a funeral or pre-paying for a casket.  There is much more to be considered for end of life care. 


Have you thought about what that might look life in your life?  Do you know what your loved ones needs and wishes are?  How do you want to be remembered?  How can you fully honor your loved one at life's end?


The essence of an End of Life Doula is compassionate, nurturant and supportive; one who offers a quiet presence in the end of life transition for a dying person and his/her loved ones.


While this role is relatively new, the end of life doula presents as the anchor in the patient/family centred care model.  We help to navigate the journey, providing specific skills, techniques, advice, and support to a dying person and guidance to families and loved ones.


If you or someone you know is facing an end of life transition, this info session will help you to better understand and prepare for the journey towards death.  Join us for an opportunity to gather information and take part in a thought-provoking conversation about end of life issues and the role of the end of life doula. 


Doula Care How - To

When:  May 8, 2024

Where: Online

Time:    7:00 - 9 PM

Cost:     Free

Building a career as an End of Life Doula is not for everyone.  We are all going to face death in our lives and sometimes it's impossible to include a doula, for practical reasons, due to time restrictions and a host of other factors.  Facing end of life for ourselves and our loved ones, is often a time of stress, chaos and even crisis.  We want to be able to support you, even if we can't be with you, during your time of need.

Find out what is important to consider at end of life.  There is much we can do to plan and prepare and doing so will inevitably make the transition less problematic.  When you can anticipate what to expect, your sense of control increases and thus alleviates much unneeded stress.

This info session will provide participants with all they need to decide if our upcoming seminar/webinar is suited to their individual needs.

Nobody likes thinking about death. A common response to the question about what to do if one dies is “do whatever you want, I’ll be dead” or “I don’t want a funeral”.  This typical response exists because as a society, many of us don’t know how to approach the topic. 


Planning and preparing for dying and death is meant to ease your end of life journey and to create a life where the worries of dying and death are eliminated.  Then you can truly focus on what fills your life with joy and purpose.


Our approach to planning for dying and death is lighthearted and the talk is easy.  Come out and join the conversation!  Hear what benefits there are to planning and preparing for death, while you are still young and healthy (and even if you’re not young and healthy) 😉 



How to Best Utilize
Death Doula

When:   May 15, 2024

Where:  Online

Time:     7:00 - 9  PM

Cost:     Free

An end of life doula is a non-medical support person.  What does this entail?


End of life doulas typically provide support and guidance to people in the dying and death phases of life and their loved ones.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that the transition goes as well as possible and the needs of the dying person are met in the best possible way.  We can provide individual services and different stages of dying and death and fill the the gaps when medical care providers and non-professional caregivers in the home and community aren't able. This allows for the end of life transition to unfold in a way that family/loved ones can be present, in moments that are important for the dying person.

Join us for a discussion to learn about the numerous ways that end of life doulas provide guidance and support  

Why are we so fearful of death?

What is it about dying and death that causes us to be fearful and how can we alleviate or eliminate our fear about the ending of life?  Our society has become largely death phobic and any kind of fear can interfere with our general health and well-being and can even immobilize some individuals.

This session is open to everyone who fears dying and death related issues OR who knows someone who’s fear interferes with an ability to attend. Our conversations are lighthearted and are held in an environment which feels safe for everyone.  Feel free to participate or simply listen and obtain information.


Needs of
Dying People

When:   May 22, 2024

Where:  Online

Time:     7 PM to 9 PM

Cost:      Free


Is MAiD for me?


When:    May 29, 2024

Where:   Online

Time:        7:30 PM to 9 PM

Cost:      Free


Facing Mortality
(our own & others)

When:    June 5, 2024

Where:   Online

Time:      5 PM - 9 PM (Central time) Cost:      $99

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) was legalized in Canada in June 2016. As of March 17, 2021 the bill was amended and this piece of legislation now means that it is no longer required that a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable to access medical assistance in dying (MAiD).  This amendment is a huge milestone and will be remembered as one of enormous change, driven by compassion, an end to suffering and discrimination, and a desire for personal autonomy.

Another milestone is upon us.  One year from now, in March 2023, Canada will become one of the few nations in the world allowing medical aid in dying, or MAID, for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.

Join us for an informative and valuable discussion. All perspectives are welcome!

What causes so many people to be SO fearful, even a little fearful, of dying and death? How can people become more open to thinking of and talking about death?  How can it be done in such a way that the preparation for dying and death become a norm in life. 

Imagine a society where people embrace dying and death, for themselves and each other.  What might this mean for dying person and for the grievers and mourners?  How might rituals and celebrations be done in a more individualistic and personalized way make honoring the dead more memorable.

This half day session covers a tender topic with light heartedness.  We will explore ways in which people can be cognizant that death is inevitable and use this way of thinking as a platform to enhance the quality of life.  Any age (18+) and every stage of life are welcome!  Join us in the conversation!


Our individual needs and desires at the end of life are wide and varied and largely pertain to the values with which we live life. Those who are in the dying phase of life often want to find meaning, purpose and answers to long held questions about the mysteries of life and death and particularly as it relates to their own life.   The focus of contemplative compassion is to alleviate suffering and is the hallmark of the end of life doula role at Ten Thousand Doors. We discuss how to assist dying loved ones in identifying and prioritizing their needs and how the role of the doula might benefit a dying person and his/her family during the end of life phase. 


Join our conversation about the needs and desires of those who are dying and discover ways in which to approach your loved ones’ specific needs and how best to fulfill them.  

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