Needs of

Dying People

When:   June 21/2021

Where:  Online

Time:     7 – 9 PM

Cost:     $20

Our individual needs and desires at the end of life are wide and varied and largely pertain to the values with which we live life. Those who are in the dying phase of life often want to find meaning, purpose and answers to long held questions about the mysteries of life and death.    


Join our conversation about the needs and desires of those who are dying and ways in which we can find out what our loved ones’ specific needs are and how best to fulfill them.  



When:    June 28/2021

Where:   Online

Time:      7 – 9 PM

Cost:      $20

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) was legalized in Canada in June 2016. Many people, including those who have received a terminal diagnosis aren’t aware that it is legal and even though the information is easily accessible aren’t sure how to approach the process that exists, or even how to talk to their doctor.


Come out for a presentation, discussion and tutorial for Medical Assistance in Dying.


This info session is open to anyone who wants more information, assistance or has a general interest in Medical Assistance in Dying.

Advanced Care Planning Tutorial

When:    July 12/2021

Where:   Online

Time:      7 – 9 PM

Cost:      $20

Advanced Care Planning allows us to live more fully and free of worry and helps us to be at ease knowing that our end of life wishes will be heard, if we are unable to speak for ourselves.


Many people have heard of or understand that advanced care planning for end of life is important but don’t know the reasons why or how to actualize a plan.  Come out for a presentation, discussion and tutorial for advanced care planning.

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