We provide leading edge education and training in End of Life Doula Care.  Our highly dedicated educational team will prepare end of life doulas to meet the needs and desires of every dying person.  Doulas provide physical, practical, social, emotional and spiritual support.  While they may also have other careers with educational backgrounds relating to the medical field, a doula's scope of practice does not include medical care. A doula ensures that each dying person is informed about their rights, options and choices. Every dying person’s values are considered the highest priority in their overall care. 


Our educational components are informative, interactive and transformational. They will benefit anyone who would like to better understand how to coordinate or facilitate an end of life transition or understand the process of dying and embracing a positive death practice, independently and collectively.


A “calling”, is defined as a “a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation: "those who have a special calling to minister to others' needs"


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